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The DigEnder guys were interviewed by Michael King the Cajun Contractor on Sat, Aug 30, 2014 at 9AM Central Time.  You can listen to a podcast over the internet or download the show.  Find the interview at The Cajun Contrator's website,     The radio show is the #1 most listened to and downloaded Home Improvement radio show nationally, and is heard worldwide, with 3.3 million estimated listeners.

Here, you can see a two part video of a complete installation (from the point of set-up and dug trenches) of a sprinkler system WITH the DigEnder.

Then follow the submenu items of this page to find information, instruction and other helpful videos that will guide you as to, not only installation of the DigEnder, but maintenance tips for after the DigEnder is installed.






Here are views of the in the trenches installation about three weeks later.





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