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Currently when a sprinkler head requires maintenance, a hole of approximately 12 inch diameter must be dug around the base of the sprinkler head, usually all the way down to the water supply line. This can be a very messy and time consuming job, especially when the soil is rocky and has many roots that must be cut through. When the connection with the underground water supply line is finally reached and the sprinkler head unscrewed, the hole just been dug usually fills with water due to residual water pressure in the supply lines. Muddy water, dirt and debris now invade the open water lines. If not cleared, this will likely clog the replaced head. To prevent this contamination, the water must either be bailed out of the muddy hole or allowed to be absorbed back into the ground before work can be continued or completed.

After the repair is made, the hole that has been dug must now be refilled. It is most aggravating when this procedure must be done all over again a short time later to repair another problem that might occur with the same head. Since most residential yards have 35 to 75 sprinkler heads, this becomes a never-ending problem.

As most homeowners soon discover, sprinkler heads become damaged or otherwise malfunction for several reasons. Among these are lawnmower strikes, clogging with dirt and debris, vegetation overgrowth, and leaking risers.

If a pop-up head is sheared off by a lawn mower strike for example, water will gush out (the “geyser” phenomenon) of the system flooding that area and depriving water pressure to sprinkler heads down line from the geyser. This results in a useless waste of water; so it is essential to repair the head as soon as possible. The truth is that most homeowners, knowing what a frustrating task is ahead of them, put the repair off.


The DigEnder™ resolves the frustration of a time consuming repair. To begin, it eliminates all of the digging and hassle by providing easy access by way of an open, yet enclosed working space large enough to accommodate a user’s hands and tools. The device may be installed when the underground sprinkler system itself is first installed or alternatively at each sprinkler head as needed.

Development of a Solution

The founders of DigEnder Products Inc, recognizing, from their own experience and frustration, the ongoing problem of pop-up maintenance and additionally the unavailability of any easily obtainable solution, decided it was time to develop one. With their experience in product design and development, they created a product that meets some essential standards: ease for the user, modularity, and adaptability to a wide range of individual sprinkler system set-ups.

Sprinkler system installers and lawn maintenance services were foremost in mind during the development process. This is most evident in the modular design –especially in respect to the cylinder part of the device. The cylinder half approach is specifically for the purpose of saving space, whether it be on the stock shelves or in transportation to the site on the maintenance trucks. Full cylinders are notoriously space consuming. Cylinder halves on the other hand, nest well. Additionally beneficial to the trades is availability of the bulk four foot cylinder half lengths. Not only is it more economical, but as importantly, it allows for perfect custom fitting to each sprinkler head.

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